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Captain Liaison Officer of the General Staff of the Navy Alfredo Osorio Bromberg

Liaison Officer of the General Staff of the Navy

Captain Alfredo Osorio Bromberg

He was born on April 29, 1973 in Bellavista - Callao. He studied at the Liceo Naval Almirante Guisse school, entering the Naval School of Peru, on March 1, 1989, where he graduated on January 1, 1994 as Ensign of Frigate.

It is qualified in Surface War. Graduated from the Basic Courses of General Staff, Command and General Staff and High Naval Command at the Naval War College; He holds a Master's Degree in Maritime Strategy from the Naval War College.

In the operational area, it served as the B.A.P. Mariategui, B.A.P. Carvajal, B.A.P. Velarde, B.A.P. Montero, in the Commander of the Surface Flotilla No. 1, B.A.P. Quiñones, in the General Command of Operations of the Pacific and in the Naval Component of the Operational Command of the Amazon. He has been Second Commander and Commander of B.A.P. Santillana

In the planning and administrative areas, he has held positions in the Higher Institute of Naval Public Technology - CITEN, Directorate of Telematics of the Navy, General Navy Command, Secretariat of the Navy General Command and in the Chief of Staff of the Navy. Command of the Fifth Naval Zone.

Likewise, it integrated in 2006 the Commission of Inspection and Tour of Frigates B.A.P. Bolognesi and B.A.P. Quiñones in La Spezia, Italy and between 2010 and 2011, he served as Deputy Defense Attaché to the Embassy of Peru in the Republic of Chile.

As of January 1, 2018, he is the Liaison Officer of the General Staff of the Navy.