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Rear Admiral Director of the Peruvian Naval Academy Roberto Sandro Jiménez Torreblanca

Director of the Peruvian Naval Academy

Rear Admiral Roberto Sandro Jiménez Torreblanca

He was born on December 17, 1967. He joined the Peruvian Naval Academy on March 1, 1985, graduating as Ensign on January 1, 1990.

He is a specialist in Naval Engineering and Surface Warfare. Graduated in the following programs: Instrumentation and Control of Industrial Processes, Mechanics of Fluids and Heat Transfer, Basic Intelligence, Basic Staff, Command and Staff, Active and Collaborative Methodologies in Higher Education and Special Joint Staff. He has a Master's Degree in Aeronautical Engineering and in Development and National Defense.

He is been on board Peruvian Navy ships like B.A.P. "Palacios" as Chief of the 3rd. Division of Engineering Department, Head of the Propulsion Division on B.A.P. "Villavisencio", Head of the Engineering Department on B.A.P. "Villavisencio", Executive Commander on B.A.P. "Mollendo", Inspector of Logistics Project Area on B.A.P. "Quiñones", Executive Commander and Commanding Officer on B.A.P. "Quiñones".

During his tenure ashore, he has been Head of Discipline of the School of Recruits of the II Naval Zone, Chief of Patrol of the Contrasubversive Base in the Light Battalion of Combat No. 4, Chief of Instruction at the Recruits School of the II Naval Zone, Chief of the Maintenance Division of the Technical Training and Naval Training Center, Deputy Chief of the Recruits School of the Second Naval Zone, Deputy Chief of the Physical Training  Department of the Naval Academy, Chief of the Personnel and Welfare Section of the Division of Staff of the Department of Policy, Strategy and Supervision in the Navy General Staff, Military Advisor in the Ministry of Defense, Naval Attaché to the Embassy of Peru in Brazil, Chief of Communications Section in the General Command of Pacific Operations, Chief of General Staff in the Command of the Surface Force, Deputy Director of Naval Supply, Director of Naval Supply.

In 2018 the government confered him the rank of Rear Admiral, being appointed as Director of the Peruvian Naval Academy.