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Navy of Peru

Nro. 9 - 2016

The Navy of Peru through the Chief District Captaincy 5, based in the city of Iquitos, informs public opinion the following: 
Today, in the afternoon four soldiers of the Navy of Peru who performed environmental monitoring actions, in order to verify the possible involvement of watercourses to recent oil spills in areas near the Maranon river were held by residents of the community of Saramurillo. 
When approached the staff of the Navy fully identified, then of which they were transferred peacefully to the aforementioned community where the Apus explained the motive of his presence in the area. 
The four troops remain in the community Saramurillo, which are getting a good deal, while they are waiting to be shipped to the city of Iquitos. 
The Navy of Peru, renews its commitment to protecting, preserving the environment and supporting social development of native communities throughout the Amazon basin.


La Perla, November 9, 2016