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Navy of Peru

Nro. 10 - 2016

The Navy of Peru through the Chief District Captaincy 5, informs the public opinion as follows: 
1. In relation to the Communiqué No. 009-2016, on the situation of the four members of the Navy of. Peru who remained in the community Saramurillo, these were given to the Captain of the Port of Iquitos and then taken to the helipad No. Station. 1 Petroperu, where they boarded a helicopter bound for the city of Iquitos.

2. The four members of this institution are in good health and said they received good treatment from the residents of that community.

3. The Navy of Peru reiterates its commitment to protecting, preserving the environment, and support the social development of the native communities of the Amazon basin.


La Perla, November 10, 2016