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Maritime patrol "RIO CHIRA" and patrol Costa "Punta Pariñas" involved vessels fishing within five miles

Nro. 47 - 2016

On 24 November this year, the Maritime Patrol "Rio Chira" and patrol Costa "Punta Pariñas" of the Port of Talara During operations Maritime Police, in order to suppress illegal activities in our sea territorial, they intervened two fishing vessels "JOSHUA 2" with enrollment CO-23135-CM with seven crew and "JORDAN II" without license plates, with nine crew, facing the cove bodies, in circumstances that were conducting fishing operations within five miles, taking on board about 25 to 40 kilograms of aquatic resources respectively. 
The boats intervened during the operation, were taken to the Post Captaincy of Máncora for the proceedings according to law with the participation of the Public Ministry, National Ministry of Production and police, according to their skills. 
The Port of Talara in coordination with the Chief District Captaincy No. 1 will continue to make this kind of operating as part of their duties assigned by the National Maritime Authority.


La Perla, November 24, 2016