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Assimilation competition as Official Professional Services 2016

Nro. 40 - 2016

The Navy of Peru, as part of its policy of inviting the best professionals in Peru and provide a wide range of development opportunities in his career, invites professionals of both sexes Contest Assimilation as Official Services in Surgeon (General Medical), Engineering (Naval Systems and Civil), Administration (CPA, Economist and Manager).  The professional that puts forward to the competition of assimilation, must be Peruvian by bir...

Peruvian submarine staff provided community support l-Mayport Florida, after Hurricane Mathew

Nro. 39 - 2016

After Hurricane Mathew, along the coasts of the peninsula of Florida, ranked as the most intense to hit the east coast of the United States of America in the last decade, the city of Mayport, homeport in which Peruvian submarine BAP is the "Angamos", suffered a series of material damage.  Motivated by supporting the community, the endowment of the BAP "Angamos", who currently is participating in the operational SUBDIEX-2016 with the Na...

Navy participate in national night earthquake and tsunami drill

Nro. 38 - 2016

The Navy of Peru, as part of the National System of Civil Defense, will participate in the First Mock Earthquake and Tsunami Nocturne on Thursday, October 13, at 08:00 pm, implementing response mechanisms with the execution of operations of air and maritime transport by making use of BAP "Tacna" and two helicopters. In order to achieve optimal development in that drill and taking as an observation point the city of Arequipa, the Navy...

Hydrography and Navigation of the Navy actively participate in earthquake and tsunami drill nationwide

Nro. 37 - 2016

In order to appreciate the test procedures, test tools and advanced technology used in issuing a tsunami warning, the Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation of the Navy of Peru, will participate on Thursday 13 October at 2000 hours in the Night Earthquake and Tsunami Drill nationwide, the details of this important work will be appreciated by the media. We must refer, that the role of the Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation i...

Open Day at the Callao Naval Base as part of the "Month of the Great Admiral of Peru"

Nro. 36 - 2016

Among the traditional outreach activities of the Navy of Peru to citizenship and to know and visit units of the Naval Forces, the gates of the Callao Naval Base on 15 and 16 October will open. On this great day called "Open Doors" attendees will appreciate the Naval Power through displays and demonstrations of different kinds of Naval Aviation Force, Marines, Special Operations, and Naval Police. In the two scheduled days, the gen...

In solemn patriotic ceremony and the glorious battle of angamos be commemorated

Nro. 35 - 2016

In the patriotic civic ceremony will be presided over by the President of the Republic, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski Godard and will stage the Plaza Grau del Callao, October 8 Epic Naval Battle of Angamos, where he went to the glory evoke Grand Admiral of Peru, Don Miguel Grau Seminario. The patriotic ceremony commemorating the 195th anniversary of creation of the Navy of Peru, and the 137th anniversary of the Glorious Naval Battle of Angam...

Commemorative for the "Month of the Great Admiral of Peru, Don Miguel Grau Seminario and the Navy of Peru" activities

Nro. 34 - 2016

As part of the activities planned by the #MesdeGrau, free cultural events including guided tours of the Naval Museum, the Crypt of the Knight of the Seas, visits and exhibitions in commercial centers of the capital, open at the base continue Callao naval, sporting events, among others. Thus, museums open their doors on Saturdays and Sundays of October, providing museological and cultural activities free of charge to the visiting publ...

Navy of Peru will pay tribute to naval personnel died in the struggle for National Pacification

Nro. 33 - 2016

As part of the activities for the "Month of the Great Admiral of Peru, Don Miguel Grau Seminario and the Navy of Peru", on Tuesday, October 4, a meritorious pay tribute to the staff fallen heroically in the fight against terrorism , the event will be held at the Naval Heroes Square National Pacification, at Naval Station Pearl. The significant event will be chaired by the Minister of Defense, Mariano González Fernández. During the ce...

III International Symposium on Security and Defence

Nro. 32 - 2016

The Navy of Peru through the School of Naval War organizes and develops the III International Symposium on Security and Defence entitled "Revisiting the concept of Multidimensional Security and Commitment Naval Power in the Security and Development of Nations" academic event, from 12 to 15 September, will bring together the participation of exhibitors and speakers of international prestige, in the Hotel "Los Delfines". This internati...