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In these years of commendable work, civic action has been oriented to medical care, through the Navy´s staff of health and providing functional modules of health to serve the people in the specialties of general medicine, dental care, pediatrics, gynecology, among others.

As part of this program, the population receive nutrition talks and family planning education. This great experience and resources are promoted by the Government and the Congress of the Republic, unifying all entities of the State, the private sector, local authorities and social organizations to help the most depressed areas of the country. Within this framework of social assistance, the Naval Zone Commanders  stand out, whose personnel have understood the concept of Social Inclusion, carrying out actions that will sustain over time.

Itinerant Platforms: Bringing Development and Hope to the Amazon

The Itinerant Platforms for Social Action with Sustainability (PIASS) have been implemented by the Ministry of Defense, through the Peruvian Navy. This is an initiative in accordance with the government programs for development and social inclusion, and has the purpose of incorporating the rural Amazonian population in a sustainable manner into the basic services provided by the government.

For this purpose, the Navy in coordination with the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations, have implemented the PIASS units, which are multisectoral platforms that bring the government services closer to the rural populations that are farthest from the Amazon.

RENIEC, for example, registers people without documentation or newborns. Comprehensive Health Insurance not only provides medical care, but also enrollment in this system. DEVIDA, for its part, has a prevention program.

Offices of the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations are transferred with information from the "Juntos" (Together) Program, Pension 65, as well as an office of the Bank of the Nation, facilitating the monthly collection of teachers, without leaving the basins, which meant before the PIASS creation, a Month without classes for children.