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    From long ago, navies have determined the need to have a Sailing School Ship for the training of the onboard personnel, as these ships keep intact the spirit, the mystic and naval traditions, in the fascinating natural environment of the sea.

    In this context, future sailors and officers are formed with naval skills: discipline, leadership, science, technology, among others; which together generate their unmistakable identity.

    Thus, in the "Union" School Ship, midshipmen and sailors enrich their experience, solving unprecedented problems in complex maneuvers with deployed sails, to accurately perform the movements inherent to the actions on board, while encouraging teamwork in  an organizational environment with technological support, that strengthen the relation of a sailor with the sea.

    It is important to recall that B.A.P. "Union" being a patrimony of the Nation, it is national territory at sea, and in it´s travels  it contributes with the government´s foreign policy as "Itinerant Embassy", carrying the message of friendship and peace to the countries of the world. It is worth mentioning that this naval unit was built in the Industrial Services of the Navy, therefore it carries the expression of a laborious and creative country, which is immersed in a continuous economic and social growth.


    "Union" was the name of the corvette that was part of the fleet commanded by the "Knight of the Seas" during the War of the Pacific. This ship, of French construction, was acquired by our country in 1864 and commanded by the then Lieutenant Commander Miguel Grau.

    Among other significant historical events in the selection of the name of this unit is the motto "Firme y Feliz por la Unión", coined in the silver Sun coins of 1825, which translated to english means "Firm and Happy for the Union". 

    The story that precedes the selection of the name is broad and there are several factors that motivated the election of "Union" as the baptismal name for the first Sailing School Ship of Peru.

    One factor is the very meaning of the word "Union", which conveys a message of concord, alliance and cohesion among people. Also, this word is easily translated into multiple languages.

    Equally, another fact that surrounds the creation of this ship is the placement of a pound of gold at the base of the Main Mast Aft. Another coin is located at the base of the Main Mast Bow, which was minted from the national collection made 100 years ago for the construction of a Sailing School Ship that did not materialize until January 27, 2016.