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Ensign ARRIETA Mispireta, Carlos


ARRIETA Mispireta

(Lima 9/12/1840 - Miraflores 1 15, 1881). Son of the Commander Pedro Arrieta and Mercedes Mispireta. In December 1856, was appointed Lieutenant of the battalion Constitution of the National Guard. He received the rank of Ensign in July 1857, for having participated in the defense of the Callao attacks of the rebel frigate Apurimac. Subsequently he embarked in the Guise and the Loa, on Board of which took part in the blockade to the Ecuadorian ports (1858-1859). Served also in the victory and in the Chalaco. 

Together with his brother Aurelio was earmarked to the Pachitea, as executive Commander, taking part in the tow of Manco Capac. After having served in various port captaincies, served as inspector of the guano section and Commander of the guard of Callao. At the outbreak of the Pacific war served as a volunteer for the defense of the batteries of Callao. Died in the battle of Miraflores (15 / 1 / 1881) as first Chief of the battalion Guard Chalaca. Let widow to Aurora Hinojosa.