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Captain BOTERÍN Becerra, José



He was born in the chalaco district of Bellavista in 1798, his parents were Gregorio Boterín and María Teresa Becerra. Contracted nuptials in two opportunities: the first with Juliana Capelo, subsequently with Clara Galvan. 

Studied at the Royal nautical Academy of Lima, where he was appointed first pilot in May 1823, and embarked on the ship "Místico Milagro". Then he was transfer to the Corvette "Limeña", disembarking in Pacasmayo to join the military liberator of Simón Bolívar, who sent him to Guayaquil to enlist in the Colombian naval service. He participated in the independence campaign of 1824 escorting in the schooner war "Lima"  from Panama to Guayaquil, and then from the ports of La Libertad, the third Division side of Colombia. 

After them victories Patriots in Junín and Ayacucho, the to Spanish power in the Pacific was reduced to a courageous resistance, directed by the general Ramón Rodil in the Real Felipe castle, to the lock that Bolivar had imposed to the port of the Callao. To the command of the Corvette "Pichincha", as Lieutenant of frigate, Boterin attended to said lock, in where remained three months until the surrender of the Real Felipe. He returned to the Navy in March 1828 and formed part of the staff of the frigate "President".

During the conflict with Ecuador, attended the battle of Guayaquil (also called Cruces) on November 22, 1828, under command of Vice Admiral Martín Jorge Guise; the death in the aftermath of the battle, driving the squad fell accidentally in Boterin until the capitulation of the square of Guayaquil. After the occupation of that city, on February 1, 1829, Hipólito Bouchard, ship captain who assumed the command, gave him command of the Brig schooner "Arequipa". With said vessel was commissioned to Panama and Manabi, to prevent the landing of Colombian troops. Of the strengths of Panama captured, along with the Brig "Congress", the Brig schooner "John Cato", that had been imprisoned by the schooner Colombian "Tipuani". 

In certain occasion, Jose Boterin said the moral and discipline of the "Arequipa" staff, in 1832, in circumstances of having is rebel them crews of them ships "Libertad" and the "Congreso", that is heading to blanket. It led them, placated to Islay, endowed with the crew of his ship. In 1835, he was promoted to Commander, and appointed Commander-in-Chie of the Navy. 

He was port of Paita captain between 1849 and 1850; the following year he joined the withdrawal as a ship captain. He returned to service in 1856, commanding the frigate "Amazonas", with a mission to lead it to its service to the port of Hong Kong. This trip Cape of good hope and London lasted several points, as Calcutta, the island of Santa Elena. This course is known as the first circumnavigation trip made by a Peruvian ship, which returned to Callao on 21 May 1858. After the same, Boterin went to retreat until his death, happened the on August 3, 1869.