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Lieutenant Junior Grade DE LOS HEROS Aguilar, Carlos

Lieutenant Junior Grade


(Lima 29/9/1851 - Huáscar, Antofagasta 28/8/1879). Son of Juan Pablo de los Heros, he studied at the Naval Academy, being appointed midshipman in 1868. In November of that year he was sent to the United States to join the commission of the monitors, serving in the tugboats Marañón, Reyes and Pachitea . On his return to Callao he was assigned to the Naval Academy to complete his studies, which he accomplished in December 1873. He was sent to England, as part of the commission of construction of the gunboats, serving in Pilcomayo, Mayro, Chanchamayo, Independencia and Huáscar. He was aboard this last ship during the uprising in favor of Piérola (1877), being taken prisoner. At the beginning of the War of the Pacific was Lieutenant Junior Grade in the Huáscar, taking part in the naval campaign like in charge of the batteries in deck. He was designated Commander of the barge Emilia, transporting it to Callao. He died from the impact of an enemy bomb during the Battle of Antofagasta.