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Lieutenant Commander DIEZ CANSECO Coloma, Fermín

Lieutenant Commander


He was born in Lima on June 9, 1854. He was the son of Colonel Carlos Diez Canseco and Isabel Coloma.
He entered as a student in the Naval Academy in September 1871, graduating as Midshipman in 1874 to be embarked in the frigate "Independence". He then embarked on the voyage of the American "Saint Paul" on a voyage of study, returning to the English frigate "Lizzie Fermell" from London to Callao in 1876. He then went on to the French frigate "Magicienne" on a trip to the United States, Oceania and Chile, returning in 1878. Before that, in June 1875, he served in the "Chalaco" transport on the commission responsible for drilling on the coast to install an underwater cable. In 1878, as Lieutenant Junior Grade, he took part in a commission led by Captain Camilo Carrillo, who successfully recorded the passing of the planet Mercury in front of the Sun.
At the beginning of the war with Chile was aboard the monitor "Huascar" commanded the left cannon of the tower. In this ship concurred to the battles of Iquique, Antofagasta and Angamos. He distinguished himself especially in the incursion to Antofagasta on the night on August 24, 1879, by deflecting with his body the torpedo that the monitor had launched against the Chilean gunboat "Magallanes" and that by failure of the mechanism of government, had returned against him.
After the battle of Angamos, and after its captivity, happened to serve in the transport Oroya taking part in the capture of the motorboat Tocopilla. In Callao he attended the bombings carried out by the Chilean squadron, as head of the Battery Elías Aguirre. During the Chilean occupation of Lima, in 1881, Diez Canseco was one of those who marched to the Andes in order to organize the resistance of the mountains. After the war he served on merchant ships of the Casa Serdio.
He was named Captain of Port of Iquitos in December of 1887, suddenly passing aboard the Mayro steamer on the Ucayali River, on February 7, 1889. He had the rank of Lieutenant Commander.