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Captain FREIRE Goytizolo, Ramón


FREIRE Goytizolo


Lima 1849 - Lima 18/6/1903) Son of General Nicolás Freire, Minister of War and Navy, and of Eustaquia Goytizolo, in July, 1861, he was admitted as a midshipman in the Military Naval College. In January of 1864 was named Ensign of artillery and destined to the 2nd Battalion of Navy, and in July was sent like professor to the same school. The following January he was embarked in the Apurímac, participating in the Combat of Abtao (7/2/1866).

He was in America when he was shipwrecked in Arica (13/8/1868), being sent later to the commission of towing of the monitors, embarking in the Atahualpa. In 1873, already as Captain of Corvette, was sent to the commission of construction of the gunboats in England, and in May of 1875 it was named Commander of the Pilcomayo. Three years later, being Captain of Frigate was named deputy director of the School of Grumetes, and at the beginning of the War of the Pacific one embarked in the Huáscar. Wounded in the Battle of Iquique (21/5/1879), in August of 1879 was named Second Commander of the Rímac. In May 1881, after being occupied the capital, he was named subprefect of the city. After the war he commanded Peru (1886-1888), then becoming the prefect of Huánuco. Ascended to Captain of Ship, in 1901 was named Commander of the Constitution and Director of the School of Grumetes. He had married Amalia Aramburú Sarrio in 1875.