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Lieutenant Junior Grade LARREA, Arnaldo

Lieutenant Junior Grade



Chincha Alta 1846 - Iquitos 2/4/1892). He entered the Military Naval College in July of 1861, obtaining the title of midshipman in January of 1865. Its first destiny was the Apurímac, happening later by several units. He was aboard America in the Battle of Abtao (7/2/1866), being promoted in April of that year to Ensign of Fragata. He served in the Fluvial Department of Loreto from November 1868 to March 1873, serving as an accountant of the Naval Factory, Captain of Port, officer of the crew of Tambo, Second Commander of the Morona and Commander of Putumayo. Shortly before returning to the coast he was promoted to Second Lieutenant. Between 1873 and 1878 he served in the Manco Capac, Atahualpa and Independencia. On board the second of the monitors took part in the campaign of 1877 against the Huáscar, captured by the adherents of Piérola, being promoted to Lieutenant First in July of that year.

At the end of 1878 he was transferred to the Union, on board of which he made the naval campaign of the War of the Pacific, participating in the capture of Rimac (23/7/1879) and the double rupture of the blockade of Arica (17/3 / 1880). He was not present at Angamos because he was commissioned to take Callao to the Coquimbo schooner brig, captured on October 4, 1879 in the Port of Sarco, near Coquimbo. In April of 1880 was highlighted to Manco Capac, where it remained until the loss of the place of Arica (7/6/1880). In October of 1880 was destined to the monitor Atahualpa, on board of which it took part in the defense of Callao. In 1885 he was Captain of Port of Iquitos and the following year he was added to the Subprefecture of Loreto.