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 Rear Admiral MARIATEGUI Telleria, Ignacio

Rear Admiral


(Lima 31/7/1798 - Lima 4/4/1868). Son of Ignacio Mariátegui Liernia and Maria Tellería Vicuña. Apparently he had nautical experience, since the first documented reference to him is in his appointment as teacher of the Central School of Marina, in May 1826, being promoted to Lieutenant of Fragata in August of 1827. In February of 1829 Gave him the command of the Monteagudo and in September of 1832 promoted to him a Lieutenant First.

Like many other naval officers, he took sides for Salaverry and the command of Arequipeño confronted and defeated the Yanacocha in the Pavilion of Pica (11/2/1836). For political reasons he moved away from Peru to Guayaquil, where he taught at the Nautical School for nine years. In April of 1846 it happened to England to supervise the construction of a steam of war, that finally was not gotten to contract. He returned to Peru in May 1848, being appointed deputy director of the Naval Military College and promoted to Captain of Ship. In March 1849 he was given command of the Tumbes, carrying several officers deported to Talcahuano. Due to his political convictions, when arriving at said port landed and return shipment to the steam. In April of 1852 it was reincorporated to the service like Commander of the Freedom, defending the Callao of the attacks of the revolted Apurímac. Ascended to Rear Admiral in 1857, being head of the forces that blocked the Ecuadorian ports (1858-1859). In 1861 he was appointed commander general of the Apostadero of Loreto and Head of the Commission of Boundaries with Brazil, charges that he carried out until 1864, although he never arrived in Loreto. In this last year he returned to Callao to take charge of the General Command of the Navy until 1865. He was married to Josefa Garcia.