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Rear Admiral MONTERO Flores, Lizardo

Rear Admiral


(Ayabaca 27/5 / 1832- Lima 5/2/1905). Son of José Casimiro Montero del Águila and Gregoria Flores Izaga, entered the naval service in March 1852. He was in the Mercedes when he was shipwrecked in Casma (2/5/1854), in the Rimac when he lost in front of Marcona (1 / 3/1855) distinguishing itself in this tragic event. In December of 1856, already like Lieutenant First, revolted in favor of Vivanco, capturing the Apurimac.

The defeat of the revolutionaries distanced him from service, passing to Chile and Europe. In 1864 he was named Comandante del Lerzundi, carrying out the Restoration Campaign. He took part in the Combate of Callao (2/5/1866) as Commander General of the Squadron aboard the Tumbes. In 1867 he was tried on the Tucker issue, again without being placed. In 1868 he was sent to Colombia as Plenipotentiary Minister. Prominent member of the Civil Party, he was senator by Piura (1872) and candidate for the presidency of the Republic (1876). Ascended to Rear admiral in 1875, during War of the Pacific was Commander General of the forces of the south, being in the Battle of Tacna. In 1881, after President García Calderón was deported to Chile, Montero assumed the Presidency of the Republic, ruling the country from Arequipa. In 1883 he was expelled to Buenos Aires He was married to Rosa Elías de la Quintana.