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Captain MORE Ruiz, Juan Guillermo


Juan Guillermo

He was born in Lima on February 27, 1836, in the home formed by John More and Dolores Ruiz. He married Carmen Miranda Lama.

He began his naval career in England, as a naval candidate in the Navy of that country, returning to Peru to serve on the frigate "Apurímac". In 1855 he ascended to Lieutenant of Fragata and happened to serve in the ships "Izcuchaca", "Huaraz" and "Guise". On board of the first one it concurred to the blockade of Guayaquil during the campaign of Ecuador in 1859.

In 1866 concurred to the combat of Abtao like secretary of the Commander General of the Division, Captain of Navarrese Manuel Villar. That same year was designated commander of the corvette "Union", in the context in which the Navy, defending its autonomy of all external interference, protested against the designation of the American Commodore John Tucker, that was to direct an offensive expedition to the Philippines.

He also formed part of the commission that would bring to Peru the monitors "Manco Capac" and "Atahualpa", from the United States, in 1869. He was Captain of the port of Callao in 1872, and later he led, as Captain of Naval, Of Operation, commanding the gunship "Pilcomayo", that with the corvette "Union" and frigate "Independence" fought the 28 of May of 1877, eve of the combat of Pacocha, against the monitor "Huáscar", revolted by Nicholas of Piérola against The then president Mariano I. Prado.