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Commander NOEL Lastra, Juan


NOEL Lastra


He was born in Paita in 1813, in the bosom of the Spanish nobleman Agustín Noel and María Lastra. At the age of nine he was sent to Spain and studied at the Nautical and Piloting School. On his return to Peru, he founded a cabotage company with his brother and entered the Peruvian merchant navy, sailing on several ships and becoming, in 1836, captain of the schooner "Caupolicán". In 1841 he entered the Peruvian Navy as Lieutenant of Frigate, serving on the schooner "Libertad". In that condition, in 1842 he was one of those who collaborated with the cause of generals Francisco Vidal and Antonio Gutierrez de la Fuente, who sought to overthrow the president in charge Manuel Menendez, who had remained in office after the death of General Agustín Gamarra in The war against Bolivia. In 1847, as Captain of Corbeta graduated, was appointed to him Assistant of the General Command of Navy. Between 1849 and 1850 he held the military headquarters of the department of Junín, with the purpose of contributing to the colonization of the Amazon region, enabling communication networks in Chanchamayo. In 1849, he founded the San Ramón fort, with the help of the then president, Ramón Castilla, until 1851. In September of that year, for his meritorious work, he was promoted to the rank of Commander. In 1852 he was like captain of the frigate "Mercedes", command that assumed since August of that year.