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Captain  OTOYA Correa, José Ezequiel


OTOYA Correa
José Ezequiel


He was born in Paita in 1838, in the home formed by Jacinto Otoya and Andrea Correa. He married Rosalía Radavero Olavarrieta, with whom he had two children. His naval career began in 1855 as a midshipman. He was part of the crew of the brig "Almirante Guise". On board the schooner "Izcuchaca" attended the blockade and the campaign of Ecuador during 1858 and 1859, as Lieutenant of Fragata. Already with the rank of Lieutenant First, was second commander of the corvette "Union", commanded by the Captain of ship Manuel Villar, during the combat of Abtao the 7 of February of 1866; He was later released from prison for taking part in the protest against the appointment of John Tucker as Commander General of the Navy in 1867. During this time of inactivity he set sail for the National Vapor Company, established in that same year. Upon his return to service in 1869, he was appointed deputy second commander of the "Huascar" monitor, and then, Order Major and Arsenals Commander, as well as sub-director of Naval High School. He was promoted to the rank of Captain of ship in 1872. During the War of the Pacific in 1879, as second commander of the "Huáscar", he attended the Iquique battle on May 21. It was also in the bombings of the monitor, as well as in the capture of the transport "Rímac" in July of that year. Later it was commander of the transport "Limeña" during the blockade of Callao, participating in all the other operations until the destruction of the rest of the Squadron the 16 of January of 1881. It passed away in Lima 25 of April of 1882.