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Lieutenant RODRÍGUEZ Pérez, José Melitón


José Melitón

He was born in Lima on March 8, 1848. Son of José Ponciano Rodríguez and Juana Pérez Bedoya. He entered as a midshipman in 1869, to the military school, later served on the monitor "Huáscar" and later to the frigate "Independence", between 1871 and 1873.

He was one of those who participated in the pronouncement of the Peruvian Navy in 1872, against the coup led by Tomás Gutiérrez against the regime of the president Jose Balta. In June 1877, during the government of Mariano Ignacio Prado, he was promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant.

At the beginning of the War of the Pacific in 1879, it would return to the endowment of "Huáscar", remaining on board throughout the naval campaign. He was commissioned to drive to Callao the Chilean boat "Emilia Álvarez", imprisoned 28 of May. It also took place in Iquique, Antofagasta and Angamos. In this last match, he was the third officer in charge of the glorious monitor, to happen to Elías Aguirre, perishing in the tower of command when receiving an impact of the canyons of the White Encalada.

Their remains rest in the Crypt of the Heroes of War of 1879.