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Captain SANTILLANA Alvarez, Gervasio



(Huanta 1853 - Barrow in Furness 10/2/1907). Son of Manuel Santillana and María Asunción Álvarez. He entered Military Naval College in 1863. Five years later he was given the degree of midshipman, embarking in April 1869 in the Union, that went to Rio de Janeiro to take part in the trailer of the monitors. Upon his arrival at Callao he went to the Naval School, where he completed his studies in December 1873. The following year it was sent to England to endow the Chanchamayo, remaining in that ship until its wreck (13/7/1876).

At the outbreak of the War of the Pacific was in the Huáscar, taking part in all the campaign until the Combate of Angamos (8/10/1879). Upon his return to Callao he was assigned to Oroya and then to the Union. After the war he served as professor in the Naval School and in March of 1889 was sent to England to man the Lima, Ship that later commanded. In 1906 he left for England appointed commander of Colonel Bolognesi, but he died before sailing to Callao. He had the rank of Captain of Ship effective since 1906. He was married to Elena Raygada Torres.