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American Museum, Iquitos

American Museum, Iquitos


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Av. La Marina s/n Punchana

B.A.P. America, is the second oldest gunship in the world. It was built in 1904 in Liverpool, England. Up to the Port of Iquitos on May 11, 1905, being incorporated into the Peruvian Navy, on August 12, 1905 and becomes a floating museum in 1984.

This unit represents part of our oldest historical, fluvial and lacustrine heritage.

It is a steam gunship with 135 feet of length, 20 feet of sleeve and 6 feet 6 inches of strut, with a gross weight of 239.44 tons. The armament consisted of 02 Armstrong guns of 37 millimeters, 48 Manlinches rifles and 48 boarding sabers.

Early in 1908, information was received that Colombian troops were approaching Putumayo.

Inside shows a sample related to the participation of this unit in the conflicts with Colombia and Ecuador, which is complemented by an exhibition highlighting the presence of the Peruvian Navy in the Peruvian East and its contribution to integrate it with The rest of the country through constant explorations, cartographic surveys and permanent support to the coastal inhabitants of that region, as well as in the defense of Territorial Sovereignty.