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  • To guarantee the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic, within the scope of its competence.

  • To exercise control, surveillance and defense of the maritime domain, the rivers and the navigable lakes of ​​the country.

  • To participate in the control of internal order, in accordance with what is established in the Political Constitution of Peru and the current legal regulations.

  • To participate in the execution of State Policies in matters of Security and National Defense.
  • To participate in the elaboration of policies related to the use of the National Merchant Marine, as a component of the naval reserve.

  • To develop activities of intelligence oriented to Security and National Defense within the scope of its competence.

  • To exercise, through the General Direction of Captaincies and Coast Guard, the authority at sea, rivers and navigable lakes within the scope conferred by law.
  • To participate in the implementation of State policies in matters of economic and social development, civil defense, science and technology, archaeological and historical objects, Antarctic affairs, Amazonian affairs, and environmental protection, according to the current legal regulations.

  • To conduct training, preparation and specialization of the Naval Component, as part of the Armed Forces, in accordance with the Country´s objectives and the National Security and Defense Policies.
  • To conduct the System of Information and Monitoring of Traffic at Sea, Rivers and Lakes in the scope of its competence through the General Direction of Captaincies and Coast Guard.
  • To participate in Peacekeeping Operations as part of the United Nations (UN) or other international organizations.

  • To maintain presence of the Peruvian State in the Antarctic continent through the use of Naval assets.
  • To develop academic and scientific-technological research in the naval field; and to develop oceanographic, meteorological and biological activities for resources at sea, rivers and lakes; acting on its own or in collaboration with other national or foreign agencies.

  • To exercise its role according to law, in the field of Nautical and Oceanographic Cartography of Peru, as well as to manage the activities of environmental science at sea, rivers and lakes.

  • To participate with other agencies in the creation of objectives and policies for the development of National Maritime Interests.

  • To promote and participate in scientific and historical research destined to the protection of the underwater cultural heritage, in coordination with the corresponding agency.

  • To promote and boost the naval industry through the Navy's Industrial Services (SIMA)

  • To manage the sponsorship of military personnel subject to investigations or judicial processes before the Ministry of Defense, as a result of the exercise of their functions.